How can I convert an Instagram account into an Instagram Business account (company profile) to be able to post directly through the socialPALS platform?

Log in to Instagram via your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and go to the settings via your profile icon. Click on the three dashes in the right menu and go to settings (gear icon).

Under the Account menu item, you can now convert your Instagram account into a Business account. Click on "Switch to Professional account".

A new menu will open. Choose a category that best describes what you are doing. Complete all the steps.

The second step will be connecting your Instagram profile with your Facebook page.

After your Facebook page is linked to Instagram, you still need to enter your business address. The Instagram business profiles are also aimed at local businesses and the address makes it even easier for your followers to get in touch with you. In addition to the address, you can also enter a e-mail address and phone number in the Instagram business profiles.

Done 🙂

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