You already use a socialPALS account and want to link your Instagram Business account in the account settings? Great idea 😊

Here's what to check first on Facebook:

Is your Facebook page linked to your Instagram Business account?

If you need help with this click:

If this step is already implemented on Facebook, log in to and go directly to Settings using the two gears in the left menu. Under Social Media Accounts, disconnect from Facebook under "Facebook Integration" (click on the two staples - see image).

After that, of course, you need to reconnect to Facebook - so that you can also link your Instagram Business account. Click on the dark grey "Connect to Facebook" button and a pop-up window will open. (So you shouldn't have a pop-up blocker installed).

You will be asked which Instagram Business account you want to use with socialPALS. Select by placing a check mark. And then click "Next".

Now you have to specify which Facebook page you want to use with socialPALS. This step should not cause you any problems 😉

Otherwise please click here:

In the last step you define what socialPALS is allowed to do with the selected pages. Please set all sliders to "YES" and confirm with "Done".

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