Posts can be posted directly to Facebook and Instagram via our platform or for example scheduled for the weekend. And of course, you can also plan the entire communication right away, i.e. several posts.

To do this, click in the current campaign, in the left menu on download area and then in the desired category - here for example the "Facebook"

Now you can choose a post from the content pool and, if you want, edit the text to you and your business. By clicking on "Publish Post", a second screen opens and you can set the date and time of the post.

You can also decide on which of your social media channels you want to publish this post. By clicking on Publish Post you can schedule the edited post in the content calendar.

To use a suggested text (always includes your shortlink) you can click directly on the button Publish Post and set a date and time via the mask again.

If you want, you can also publish posts from the download area directly to Facebook and Instagram, as long as the campaign is already active. By clicking Publish Post, you can schedule the post on today's date in the calendar. Finally, click Publish Post, you'll get to see a preview here as well. And then a confirmation:

After that you will be back in the content calendar and can see the scheduled post.

As long as scheduled posts are not yet published, they can also be changed. You can find information about this in the help section under "Change Scheduled Posts in your Calender".

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