If there is no ready-made communication calendar that you just have to/can start or if you want to create a schedule yourself - here you will learn how easy it is:

After logging into the platform https://app.socialpals.de/, simply open the campaign by clicking on the campaign tile.


In the campaign menu, go to the download section:

Select a desired post. In this example, a Facebook post. The text can be edited and customized if desired. Then click on "Publish Post" so that a new menu appears.

Now select the desired date here:

And then the time, hour and minute. If you have also connected an Instagram channel, you can add the checkmark to Instagram or select only one of the two channels:

If a warning pops up after you click "Publish Post", you will need to add the appropriate channel first:

If everything has worked, you will receive the following confirmation:

Then click on "Continue" and you will automatically be taken to the calendar view, where you will see an overview of all planned posts - here, of course, still quite clear/empty:

Now fill up your calendar little by little.

The posts are already active and do not need to be activated via the "Start Calendar" Button. Nevertheless, they can now be moved within the calendar by dragging and dropping. You can change texts by clicking on a post. Everything remains editable as long as the publication of the post is in the future.

You can also add your own advertising budget. See the article "Add Advertising Budget".

Have fun planning!

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