As soon as a campaign is active you can go ahead and start planning. To beginn with we have preschelduled some postings for you. When we plan postings for you we always follow the 'best practice' method. These are just a suggestion and if you want you can change date/time/text and number of postings, but we will come back to this later.

You can preview the scheduled posting before you activate the content calendar. Therefore please just 'go over the posting with your mouse' and you will be able to see the preview.

If you have looked over the prescheduled postings and you are happy with the timeline, you now can continue and activate the content calendar over the 'one-click-publish' button. This means you accept the recommended timeline and our platform will then publish the scheduled Facebookpost/ -carousel or Video automatically. If the brand offers you promo ads within the campaign you are participating in, these promo ads will be active and start spending the budget given by the brand.

Once you went through the 'one-click-publish' all the prescheduled postings will now be highlighted, if there is a post is still transparent and not highlighted this post is not active and will not be published by our platform.

You want to make changes to the postings? For example change the text and publish it on another date? No Problem, please click on the posting you want to change. A menu will open and now you can start editing text/date/time and also decide which post you want to use as a promo ad. If you don't like the posting at all or just want to publish a couple postings you can also delete the posting over the 'trash bin sign'. Note: if you delete a promo posting you will have some budget left which you can then use for a different posting you like.

If you only want to change the date you can do that super easy. You can change the date per drag&drop so just click on the posting and drag it to the day you want socialPALS to publish it. Note: Only the date will change here, picture/text and time will stay the same.

If you want to plan the whole campaign by yourself you can do so as well. Please go to the download area and you can pick your favorite postings from there. You can also change the text as well as set a date and time you want it to be published by our platform.

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