Most likely your logo will be implemented within the individualized landingpage but sometimes also used for POS print material. But the main reason is to place it within your google display ads.

Most campaigns offer google display ads, which will have your logo implemented so that the potential end customer knows who is responsible for this ad or maybe recognizes your company by the logo.

A google display ad without a logo just doesn't look nice either!

So please upload your logo within the platform, so we can then place it within the landingpage as well as the google ads.

First please go to your setting and click on 'company files'. You now have two options of uploading your logo, the first one is that you can directly upload your logo:

Please click in the grey box and choose the logo you want to upload. You can now choose between a 1:1 or a 4:1 ratio. You can also change the size of the 'blue square' to make it fit. Note: Only what is within the blue box will be saved.

So make sure it is the right sized file. If it is too big the edges will be cut off and it will not look nice!

If your comapany logo is not the right size, no problem! Please click on the second grey box 'unsupported logo files" and pick your logo.

Note: These files will need to be individually edited which might take a couple of days.

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