Most likely a brand will offer you some ad budget with the campaign. We operate the sponsored budget over our own Facebook business manager. In order for us to be able to place advertising on Facebook and spend the money you been given by the brand, you will have to give us the right to do so.

When you have successfully connected Facebook with the socialPALS platform please click on 'set up promo ads' .

Another pop up window will open, please click 'refresh and verify'. Now the platform will send a partner request to your Facebook page.

So please go to your Facebook page. Attention: you will need your Facebook password. So if you have not got your password by hand you can come back to this step at a later time.

If you have your password this is what you'll have to do:

First step: please go to your facebook page and go to 'settings' . You can find your settings in the left menu under the headline 'Manage Page'.

Second step: click on settings and go to 'page roles'. You can also find your page roles in the left menu.

Now click on page roles. You will find a 'pending partner request' from socialPALS. Please click 'respond to this request'

Now another window will open in which you now can accept the request and accept socialPALS as an advertiser for your page. Please click 'accept request' now you will have to enter your password for the final time.

Problems that might occure

You can't see the request? - Please ask the administrator of the page, only he can see it.

You are the administrator and can't see the request? - Then most likely your page has a Facebook Business Manger, you will find the request within your company settings.

Finish your settings

After you have accepted our request, please go back to our Platform Go to social media accounts. Now please press "refresh and verify" again.

You have successfully set up promo ads!

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