If you have your Facebook page connceted with our platform you are able to manage and schedule postings directly over the platform.

Therefore please click on 'settings' (the two gearwheels in the left menu) and go to the third register card 'social accounts'.

Further down in this menu you can find the 'facebook integration' please click the blue button 'connect with facebook'.

Note: a pop up window with the direct connection to Facebook opens! If it doesn't then most likely your browser has a pop up blocker installed. Please deactivated your pop uplocker in order to connect your account with your Facebook page.

If you are not sure how to deactivate your pop up blocker please try another browser like google chrome. Once the connection to Facebook is made you can activate the pop up blocker again or go back to your standard browser.

Tipp: Before you try to connect Facebook with socialpals open a second tap in your browser and sign up to Facebook then you will not have to type in your login details again.

You click on the blue button a pop up window opend.

First of all Facebook will ask you to type in your login details (if you haven't opened facebook in another tap). That might be surprising to you! But remember: in order to manage the page, Facebook always needs a real person to operate it. So therefore facebook wants to know who you are and which admin rights you have. In the next step facebook will ask you if you want to proceed with your account or if you want to sign up over a different account (for example if only your boss has the admin rights to your facebook page then you will have to proceed as him/her).

In the next step you can choose which Facebook page you want socialPALS to place postings on. Facebook will show you all the Facebook pages you are connected to. Now please choose the page you want to connect with and tick the box. To finish please click safe.

Note: if you are connected with a large number of pages and Facebook does not show you the exact page you want to connect to please go back to edit settings and tick the little box 'select all' or select the page you want to connect socialPALS with.

In order to use all the features our platform has to offer, when Facebook asks 'What is socialpals allowed to do' all the options need to be on YES. If the options are deactivated, or the regulators are set to NO, the platform will not be able to work properly!

When you are finished please click on DONE. Now you have succesfully connected socialPALS with your Facebook page.

Now the platform needs to know where you want to place postings. Please choose the Facebook page you just have given socialPALS rights to post on. After you choose the right Facebook page please hit the save button!

Now your page is succesfully connected with our platform. You can now set up promo ads in order to be able to spend the socialmedia budget given to you by the brand.

You can find another article set up promo ads within our helpsection.

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