Even if you have not been invited by a brand to join a campaign, you can still register yourself with our Platform app.socialpals.de and create an account. This way you can be detected by brands who may offer you a campaign which fits all your needs.

If you want to sign up go to https://app.socialpals.de/invite. First you have to choose your login details, please type in a valid email and choose your own password.

Don't forget to accept our protection of data privacy.

Now info@socialpals.de will send you an confirmation email to make sure that the registration was intented by you. It is necessary to confirm your email otherwise you will not be able to use the platform with all its features.

Now you can start creating your socialPALS Account. Please click on 'create your socialPALS Account'. First of all you will have to type in your company information. Please note that you will have to provide all the informations to be able to proceed to the next step.

In the next step we aks you to provide us with one contact person with name, email an phone number.

The third step is about your social media accounts, you can now connect Facebook with our platform.

Click on 'connect with facebook'. This is essential, if you want the platform to publish scheduled postings automatically. Note: in order to be able to connect your Facebook page with socialpals you have to have the admin rights for this particular Facebook page. If you need some help here feel free to have a look at our article 'connect with facebook'. Also you don't need a google my business account to be able to use google display ads with our platform.

You also have the possibility to connect your website/hompage, Blog URL, twitter username and instagram username.

If you have trouble connecting with your Facebook page or you don't have the correct login details by hand you can skip this task and come back to it later.

Now you will be asked to upload a logo. If you have the right picutre size, great! Then you can upload it into the orange box and choose 1:1 or 4:1. If your logo has not got the right size then please upload it in the grey box and our grafics team will take care of it.

The final step is that you could add someone else, that you want to look after your account, to the user management.


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