If you already have one account in our socialPALS platform and want to add more accounts for other locations and all locations are supposed to share one common Facebook page as well as branches that have their own page, then this is the right article for you!

Please login on https://app.socialpals.de/.

In the upper right corner you will see your account name, in our case socialPALS Demo…”. Please open the dropdown menu…

...and click on +New Partner

Now, you please follow registration steps by introducing all relevant information for your new account. These are the same steps that you followed when registering your first account.

Tip: If all locations have the same name, we recommend that you distinguish the company name with a number or letter combination to identify them later. Otherwise all accounts will have the exact same name and it will be difficult to select a specific account.

To switch among your accounts just click on the dropdown menu for “partner”. All your accounts will be listed. Select the account that you want to work with.

In case you have more than 20 accounts a search function will become available.

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