This article is dedicated to all partners who, due to having several locations, also have several accounts in our socialPALS platform and therefore need to connect with several Facebook pages.

First of all: Why several accounts? When you have more than one location, brands will often also provide ad-budget for each location. And if every location has its own Facebook page? Even better!

However, there is one particularity when connecting several accounts and pages to Facebook. It is because company sites in Facebook are managed via private profiles (as intended by Facebook). You register as a private person on Facebook and then you can select with which company page you want to connect your account.

It is therefore important to select ALL Facebook pages with which you are planning to connect with your socialPALS accounts right in the beginning during the first request.

When you start, please click on the little gearwheel in your upper left corner to be directed to settings. Following, select the tab Social Accounts. Then click on connect with Facebook.

Next, a popup window will appear. If you are signed-in on Facebook in a parallel browser, you will already be signed-in. Your own Facebook profile name will be shown on the right side. Please note: Everything that appears now is coming from Facebook - you are within a Facebook popup and not in our platform!

Please click now on “continue as …”.

Now, you will get an overview of all pages to which you have admin rights. How do we know? We don’t. Remember, we are NOT on the socialPALS platform but Facebook is providing the data.

Please select ALL pages with which you want to make a connection to your socialPALS accounts. Do not select only the page with which you want to connect FIRST. And do not push the button select all unless you want to.

Following please click on the button next in your lower right corner.

Now we continue to user rights. Please make sure to set ALL controllers on YES. All provided information is coming from Facebook. If you have any questions we are happy to help.

Then, please click on the Done button in your lower right corner.

Following, a confirmation page appears that you can complete by clicking on “OK”.

In the next window that appears you will be asked to select the company Facebook page that you want to connect. Why? Now you are not in Facebook’s environment anymore but on the socialPALS platform. And the socialPALS platform would like to know which page you want to select.

On the right side of the lower line is a little arrow with a drop-down menu. Now you can select among all your Facebook pages that you previously selected in your Facebook environment. Please select the page that you want to start with and press save.


Now you can switch among your accounts and connect with your respective Facebook pages. Please make sure to select the right Facebook page for the right socialPALS account.

You can switch between your socialPALS accounts in the menu shown in your upper right corner once you have set up all your accounts. In case you want to add another socialPALS account, please click on + new partner.

Was this article helpful? Please contact us directly for more support!

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