What should I do with the test reports I got from my product test campaign's?

Most of the time these reports are packed with two or three pages full of text and many pictures - how can we process this data into a facebook post?

Creat a Facebook carousel ad?

... no, not meant for a lot of text.

Content posting?

... two pages of continuous text - it just doesn't look so nice.

The easy solution:

Sign up to facebook's own app "notes" - it allows you to act like in any other blog tool. You can create headlines and underlines as well as you can arrange and combine texts with photographes .

ALSO the app supports mobile end devices which means that the posts you created are also presentable on smartphones.

Incase you are not using facebook "Template and tabs" for your business site already you might have to unlock it first.

Go to your facebook business page settings and klick on "Templates and tabs" :

Another menu opens and you will have to flip the switch to blue...

The new tab will be shown just underneath your profile picture:

How to create notes..

...click on notes.

Now you can add new notes in the right menu. You can also choose between "my notes" and "my drafts".

A new site will open and you can start editing your blog post:

Facebook will guide you through and will also give you some handy tips how to add a headline, text and pictures.

TIP: Use the existing pictures over and over again to break up the text flow.

Here is an example of a note we created:


Also have a look over it on your smartphone :)

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