Articles can be posted directly via our platform at Facebook or scheduled - e.g. for the weekend. Of course the entire communication, thus more posts, can be planned.
For this, click the actual campaign, then "download area" in the left menu and the desired phase of the campaign - in this example the "main phase":

A choice of pictures and texts is provided here. You can click at the line with the pen symbol below the picture and write an article by yourself. Do not forget to include your individual shortlink in the text, which is shown below the name of the campaign. This link can be copied:

In order to undertake a suggested text (this always includes your shortlink), just click the button "use suggested text" which will be inserted on top:

You can edit the article if you like and publish it immediately at Facebook by clicking the blue button. For checking purposes, a pop-up window shows a preview for a last review.

By clicking "Publish", your article will be pusblished and you get a confirmation.

If instead you want to schedule the post, click the button "Plan your post" and a pop-up window shows possible dates which you need to set.

Concluding, click "Plan your Post" - here you go!

A preview and a confirmation are shown.

You can reschedule your articles, of course, as long as they haven't been published. This is explained in the article "Change scheduled posts".

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