Before a campaign starts, we will propose you dates for Facebook posts in the Content Calendar. That's what we call "best pratice" planning. This proposal can be accepted with only one click. Our platform then automatically takes over each post - no matter if picture, viedo or photo carousel. Even the Promo Ads - if offered - are will be posted automatically.

If you want to see the text corresponding to the post or enlarge the image, just click on the post. A preview of the article will be displayed.
The Partners should have editorial control obviously. That's why you can plan the postings for yourself by choosing desired content in the download are in the left menu. This own forecast is also displayed in the calendar and can be changed by "Drag&Drop".

You can view your own forecast with the green controller. The orange controller shows our recommendations. If you click PLANNING, the proposed posts will be adopted in the own forecast. You can postpone with Drag&Drop - but only to future dates, of course.

Changes in the forecast will be updated immediately. That's when the arrows are circulating in the picture: 

Please do not leave the platform in this timeframe, as the connection to Facebook has to be ensured during the update. Pictures only need a few moments, videos can take longer to a few minutes because of the big data.

Have fun trying, browsing and planning!

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