At the microsite, this means the action side of a campaing, we show your company logo, a map from google if applicable and offer the participants to subscribe for your newsletter.

As a newsletter cannot be linked with a raffle participation, this is an optional box, which can be marked by the participant. Mandatory boxes are confirmation of legal age and the acceptance of terms and conditions.
The following happens if a participant has ordered the newsletter:
We use the legally required Double Opt.-In procudure, abbreviated: DOI. And the specialised provider for this: CleverReach, whose location and server are in Germany. CleverReach's system automatically sends an email to the subscriber of the newsletter. The question pops up if you really ordered the newsletter and the user is requested to click a link for confirmation. Otherwise you will not get entered into the system. So you cannot subscribe your unloved neighbour for all possible newsletter.
After the campaign you as a partner receive a list of your newsletter's customer. This includes a documentation when the newsletter was ordered and confirmed. You can use this list and add to your subscribers list. If subscriber unsubscribe themselves again, it is in you responsibility to do so. After the handover, you as a partner are responsible for the adherence of this guideline,
Hint: If you are using CleverReach already, you can use our documentation to immediately upload your new subscriber.

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