If you haven't been invited by a retailer's campaign yet, you can register yourself at our platform and create an account. So you will get detected by a manufacturer who offers an action you have been waiting for.
For this, visit the homepage https://app.socialpals.de/invite and enter your mail address. Do not forget to switch the controller to the right to accept our terms and conditions.

You will receive an email which includes a link. Click this link in order to proceed with the registration. This step is also called "Double Opt-In" and is necessary to ensure it is really you who is trying to register.

Our email is send by info@socialpals.de  with the topic "Welcome at socialPALS". Sometimes you will find this email in the spam folder. Please also have a look there if you did not receive this email.

For the next process you will need your Facebook password. If you don't know it in this moment, it is better to proceed as soon as you are familiar with it. You know your password? Let's go. After you clicked the link in our email, you will get to the following view and can create a password.:

We advise to write it down. 

Now it's about telling us who you are, who is your company, which social networks your company is using, etc.
Let's go. Click on "Create your socialPALS account":

You can enter your data step by step. Please do not cancel the procedure, because nothing will be saved automatically and you have to do it all again. 

If you proceed to step 3 Social Links it is getting complicated. In order to post directly from our platform later, you should one-time connect with Facebook. You therefore need your Facebook password. Click on the blue button:

In case of issues you can skip this step and catch up on that later. In order to proceed, enter the URL of your Facebook page:

Our system is verifying if the page really exists and demonstrates this with a green check mark and a preview of your profile picture. You can skip this step by clicking at the orange button "Next". Just be aware to make up this link with Facebook later on. You can also have a look at the help section in the article "Connect to Facebook", in which further support is given. 

In the next step you can upload your company logo or make this up later on. Click at "Next" again, until you reach the area User Management (last tab). All details will then be saved automatically and your account is created. Last but not least click on the buttton "Complete".

You will get to your dashboard, which for now is probably still empty.

WELCOME at socialPALS!

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