For most of the campaigns there is a promo ads budget available. Our Business Manager manages the budget, plans and manages the ads on behalf of your website - with our credit card. Sounds good? For this, we need your permission, which you should give us on Facebook via your Facebook company page.
When you connect your account on our platform with Facebook for the first time, our system automatically sends a request as an advertising agency to your Facebook company page.
So start on your company page. Go to "Settings" (top right) on "Scrolls for the page" (in the middle of the left menu) and you will see "Pending requests" below. 

After you have confirmed our request (Facebook password required), continue on our platform. Go to "Social Media" via Settings (gears on the left). Now the platform will be kind of "trained" that there are advertising rights available. In the lower area of "socialPALS Promo Ads" the next to do in orange appears: "Click here to check the authorization again" - see picture:

After that you should be rewarded with the following picture:

Do not forget to save.

Your company page did not receive a request from us? There can be several different causes for that. Now it gets a bit more complicated, but we will solve that. After the settings are configured one-time only, you can immediately start with all future campaigns.
Send us an e-mail (or call us) and let us know that we should start a manual inquiry as an advertising agency through our Business Manager. 

Please check the Facebook company page again later. As soon as the request has been received and you have confirmed it (Facebook password required), please send us a short message - as a manual request in our Business Manager after your confirmation is necessary by us. 

As soon as we adjusted all this, you can go back to our platform in the section Settings (gears on the left) to "Social Accounts". Now the platform will be "trained" that there are advertising rights available. You can follow the instructions above now.

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