If you connect your socialPALS account to Facebook, you can post directly from the platform, schedule articles and use the content calendar.
Go to "Social Media" via the settings (the two gears in the top left corner).  

Simply click on the blue button "Connect to Facebook" and a pop-up window will open. Be sure a pop-up blocker does not prevent this. 

In the first step you will be asked for your private user data and Facebook login. This may come as a surprise. But remember: Company pages on Facebook are always managed by private profiles. So Facebook would like to know who you are and if you have administrator rights. That comes in the second step of the query.

Then click at the line "Facebook Pages" on the small grey triangle on the far right:

A Drop-Down Menu will open. There you can see all the Facebook pages you have admin rights for. Choose the page you want to conntect to. Then save. 

Your site is now connected, you can post or schedule. Assign the rights to socialPALS as an advertiser (see article), for using Promo Ads and the Content Calendar. 

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